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I want to start with this picture, they look so happy!!
From left to right, "Friend and Big Junior"
iLove their SMILES, they make me so happy!

Big Junior has been great! complaining about the weather, like always but doing Great in school!

He is such a "big happy smarty boy"

I love him so so much!!!
5 (22)

~ He will be starting Music classes next week: Piano, Guitar, Flute, Drums, and also singing lessons! He will be busy busy!

~Pink Angel is going to take a break; no dancing lessons for awhile, she says that she wants to spend time with me at home while his brother is having fun!

~I created my 4th blog, yep! my 4th one! crazy huh! but I wanted a special blog for my Little Man so whenever you get a chance stop by and check it out "Chasing Little Crocs" is more like a photo blog, hmm; well all my blog are full of photos, LOL
I don't think I never mention this before but my Little Man is addicted to crocs. He has a basket full of them!

~We had 3 cookouts during the week!!! We used our mini homemade iron grilled. We drank tequila and ate MUCHO meat, Yummy!!! I think I had enough grilled meat for the rest of the month! Yeah about that tequila, my husband found it in his grandfather stuff while visiting his grandmother.
2 tequila

~Mr. Big made us Smoothies on Wednesday and they were so Yummy!


~My lovely friend Sharon brought me part plum. part apricot. all the way from California from her farm!!! Yummy!

1 PEACH 003

~Oh I just remember that My little Man needs a haircut very soon or may be not! what do you think?

~Today I received the coolest email ever letting me know that my new yellow toy is on my way! It will get here Friday September 11th!!! I can't wait to play with it and blog and edit pictures and be on facebook, etc!!!!

~Pink Angel's Teacher Mr. M wrote me a note on her homework book today...
awesome 001
"I feel so proud of myself!"
I am so PROUD of my Pink Angel!!!


Well that's it for me!
Have a Great Long Weekend!!!!

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