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Forever In Blue Jeans
I'm participating in a year long challenge, created by Carin at Forever In Blue Jeans. The goal is to be in one picture a week, for 52 weeks. Since us moms are always behind the camera, this gives us a chance to get out in front and be in the pictures with our family. So, click here if you want to join in on the fun!

The following pictures are from two weeks ago.
I am posting them today because I missed
"The Moms Challenge" last week! so here you have them.
We went School Shopping that weekend!
We had a Blast!!!

I think this picture is so funny because you can see my face reaction when Pink Angel was pulling my hair because I had a BUG!!! and Junior is like Yuck!!

After the BUG was GONE to heaven, Yep they killed it!
We ALMOST got a good SHOT!!

My little Man is NOT smile!


another GOOD ONE!!!!


but this one was the BEST!!!


Pink Angel and Me in the Ladies Room @ the Texas Roadhouse...
iPhone 029
iPhone 036
That same day we went to TEXAS ROADHOUSE for dinner. My husband is totally in love with that restaurant!!
It was a bit SAD for my husband because they didn't have any T-Bones, but the manager gave us some free appetizers for that night and for the following visit! which we already use them on our FUN date last Saturday. Mr. Big and Me had a Beautiful Date... to view more pictures about our lovely evening with NO CHILDREN click here... I most WARN you they are most FOOD PICTURES and they are DELICIOUS =)

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