Friday Photo Flashback ~ My Beautiful Parents! again??? ☺

Friday Photo Flashback
Alicia is hosting Friday Photo Flashback again. This is your chance to give a shoutout to the past. To showcase some of your favorite photos, or most embarrassing ones, or whatever! So join up with us today!

I want to start with this sexy picture of my Dad, and when I say sexy you probably know that he is the one in the middle with NO SHIRT, ☺
This picture was taken back in 1957 my Dad was 17 years old...
The building behind him is the Hotel Hernandez located in Matamoros, Tamaulipas MX., and that hotel stills there!

Now the following picture was taken in one of many wedding they attended back in 1968!
Yep, my parents loved to "PARTY" and they still DO,

I love my Mother's Dress and Shoes ! the Hair?, I am not a Fan of it, but I guess it was a hairstyle back then. Now I totally love my Dad's Hair, he was so HANDSOME, and SEXY, RIGHT???

Did I mention that my Parents love to PARTY!!!
Here is my Mom and Dad singing in some wild back then party in 1973!
Check out my Mother's outfit and her shoes so "CHIC"
BTW on this picture my Mother was PREGNANT with my brother Leonardo

My Dad is very Good with the guitar and his voice is so beautiful, I love when he sings "BOLEROS" He melts my heart♥ with his voice☺

My mother brought me these pictures last weekend, and she mention that this meme has become a Beautiful thing between US. We spend many wonderful hours talking about the pictures and stories that come with them. This Meme has become another beautiful excuse for my Mom and I to grab coffee and lunch during the week! How AWESOME is that!
I want to Thank Alicia for creating this BEAUTIFUL♥SPECIAL MEME

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