Friday Funnies..."The Curse of Dirt"

I capture my son's voice last night with my iPhone while singing in the shower

He is sounds so Happy!

It was so funny when he started singing, here are some of the funny lyrics:

♫ I have the curse of Dirt ♫

♫ and now I am going to get it away ya ya ya ♫

♫ and now I start by turning on the water (splash) ♫

♫ and then I start by scrubbing on my bu... ♫

♫ arm and legs and the whole body... ♫

♫ tan tan tan ♫

It was so darn funny!!!

He was going to say butt but he change it to arm!!!

This video will show you how much he loves taking showers!

The name of the song is

"The Curse of Dirt"

by Big Jr.(my 9 yr old Son)

Please press pause on my playlist on the top of

my blog before you click play on the video

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