A Big Thanks!!!!

Last week I got TWO AMAZING AWARDS!!!!
I want to say to Chris and Sara for thinking of me!

The Spread Love Award is from
my Sweet Friend Chris @
Inspirational Insights

This Second one is from
My Lovely Friend Sara Bonds
@ Ordinary and Awesome

The Lovely Rules:

1. Copy the badges and put it on your blog.
2. Link back to the person who passed you this award.
3. Spread the love to at least 8 or more bloggers.

I’m spreading the love to:

1. Erin ~ "Nagle5 News"
2. Alicia ~ "More than Words"
3. Nan ~ "Mom's the word I love to hear"
4. Gabriel ~ "Live from Waterloo"
5. Krisha ~ "Welcome to my Life"
6. Lorrie ~ "My Spot on the Shore"
7. Lisa ~ "Family Life"
8. Alicia ~ "Three B's and Me"
9. Vanessa ~ "The Woolverton Guys & Girl"
10. Dani ~ "Taking the Gospel 2 Gijon"

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