Meme...I was tag by Heather!!!

I was tagged by Heather to do this meme. I was supposed to find the sixth picture in the sixth folder on my computer and tell a little something about the picture. So, here goes....

This picture was taken @ the December Festival in Elk City, Oklahoma. I rented a booth to sell my hairbows. My Pink Angel was my Big Helper and she was going to get 25% of the money. We made $682.25 that day, so she was a very HAPPY 5 yr old. with a lot of money, lol.
I think you can see that on her face! Right?

GIRLS~~~>You have been TAG:

These are the rules...
1. go to your photo files
2. open the sixth folder
3. open and upload the sixth picture
4. write a story about that picture
5. tag six people
6. Have FUN!!!


  1. sounds like an interesting way to do something random!

  2. Wow, that's a pretty good haul for 1 day at that festival.

    Stopping by for the June Comment Challenge.

  3. I promise to do this, but it will be a little while. But I will get it done. Not to worry:)

  4. BTW..cute picture and how cool to earn some money!

  5. I will do it too!! I need to catch up on some blog time....I'll work on it :)

  6. Nice pictures and she looks thrilled and to get money too....great job.

    Thank you for the tag, i will work on that.

  7. Hi Rocio!

    Oh my gosh..look at her!! Love her little outfit!!

    Wow.and way to go on the selling of your bows!

    I was a TOTAL BOW FREAK for my youngest daughter! I had a bow for EVERY outfit she had! I even had custom ones made for her too! And the bigger the better!!!!

    Thanks for the tag! I will do this one too!!

  8. She is SO adorable! And looked like such a good helper...especially knowing she was getting so much money out of the deal. :)


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