I heart Faces Week #21 ~ Happy Birthday & Pets...

Week #21 over I heart Faces is
(kids) Happy Birthday & Pets themed

"Be sure to head on over to to check out

all of the beautiful face entries this week!"

Last Friday was my
"Pink Angel's Birthday"

She had a Blast celebrating it!!!
to view more pic click here

My son "Big Junior" loves his
"Hermit Crabs"

They are his favorites pets!

He also has
~3 sea monsters
~2 butterflies
~1 lizard
~1 dogs
~1 cat
~and about 30 ants
and every little creature he finds outside...

When he turns 10 he will be getting a snake!


  1. Love the photos! Especially the one with the hermit crabs. What the heck is a seamonster, though? Going to Google it...

  2. Great pictures. I love the one with the hermit crabs. Very cool pet for sure.

  3. Those are great! I love the expressions in both of them :).

  4. Great shots! It's fun to see some hermit crabs!! Nice!

  5. I love both these photos! The expression on both faces are priceless!!!


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