Friday Photo Flashback ~ My Sexy Father

Friday Photo Flashback
Alicia is hosting Friday Photo Flashback again. This is your chance to give a shoutout to the past. To showcase some of your favorite photos, or most embarrassing ones, or whatever! So join up with us today!

I had Lunch with my Mother last Tuesday
and she brought me a Picture of my Father.
This picture was taken back in 1961
in Cd Madero, Tamaulipas, MX.

My father was 21 years old



  1. LOL, that swimsuit kills me! My, how the styles have changed!

  2. What a great picture!!!! I'm sure that brings back great memories!!!

    Thank you for sharing again, Rocio!

  3. Oh this is the best's sooooo cool. Look at the boat, the trunks...the hunky dad. This is a great one.
    Have a great Friday

  4. What a great photo! Hot Papa! :o)

  5. Whoa! Fabulistic! What a handsome man, he must have made the womens heart fall to their knees!

  6. That picture is fantastic! My dad wore the same type of fact, if we did not confiscate them, he would still wear a speedo.

  7. Fantastic! What a photo to have. :)

  8. What a cool photo!!! It looks like an old advertisement photo

  9. What a stunning photo, what a stunning man!

    I'm sure he was a delightful sight for many ladies.

  10. How fun to have a picture like that of your dad looking so young and just having fun.

    Pictures like that are fun as we often think of our parents as never being "young," lol!

  11. Oh my! what a boat. Of course I am looking at the boat cause that´s just a little too much to look at for my innocent eyes. LOL
    funny picture!


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