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Ok! so I am going to try to do this for the first time, lets see!

You know my kiddos went back to school on Monday,
and so far they have done a Great Job in school.
They have pretty cool teachers and no complains so far, wait! well let me take that back. "Pink Angel" is quite a talker so I heard that she has been a busy bee in the classroom and has been chatting quite a lot!
2nd day of School 035
but if you ask her if she has been talking, she will give you this face and tell you "Mom, hmm I don't talk that much... My friends are the ones talking to me... They need my help Mom! and I want to help them Mom! they are my friends you know"
So Miss Busy Bee a.k.a. Pink Angel is running business in the classroom and the teacher is not to happy about that =(

Now, Big Jr. in the other hand
2nd day of School 047
says "Mom I am doing Great, the teacher is Great, but I hate P.E. I want to go back to Wyoming!!! Texas is to Freaky HOT!!! MOM lets move again!"
My poor Baby is not to happy about the SUPER HOT weather from down here in South Texas. It is CRAZY HOT, we got 104* and 105* all week!!!

Anyways, My kids are such good kiddos. Now that they are back in school we have to have a schedule. I suffer
from OCD (well I don't suffer, maybe the ones that live with me suffer) and things must be done a certain way everyday, I guess I work better when things work like a routine. So this is what we do everyday during the week:

6:30am---------wake up and get ready for school
6:55am---------eat breakfast
7:30~3:30pm--school time for kiddos and as for my computer time!
6:00~7:00------showers, tv or whatever they want to do
by 7:00pm they are in bed and by 7:15 they are snoring, LOL

They are such good kids and I'm so lucky for that!

to view more pictures of them from school days click here


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