iHeart Faces Week #30~ My Story In Photos: "The Summer Edition"

i heart faces is a photography blogsite that hosts
weekly photo contests of faces for both kids & adults.

This weeks contest theme is
"My Story In Photos: "The Summer Edition"".
To join in the fun & enter just visit their blog here.

(to view the photos @ full size click on the image)

for the past 8 weeks of SUMMER

iHave been trying to stay away from my computer!!!

and iHave been getting a TAN!!!
and yes it is HOT! way toooo HOT!!!

(that was a crazy TAN but did NOT HURT :))

but it has be FUN FUN FUN!!!

iAlso been BAD

really really BAD!!!

check out my kind of BREAKFAST...

with some DELICIOUS coffee...

iHave been doing lots of laundry too
NOW that's NO~FUN

and shopping a bit groceries for our summer
@ our favorite store SAM's

and when it's too early iUsually do this to my Little Man
(backwards sandals)

My kids were trying to tell me something
@ the begining of summer

so we started packing every weekend

to visit our Beautiful island

iHave been admiring this beautiful view
MANY afternoons

and watching my Little Birds
surf ~swim~run~dig~play and play...

and taking breaks when
my cutie pie is taking a nap

BTW Big Jr. and my Little Man have matching haircuts
they look so COOL!!!
to see more pictures click here

and I changed my HAIR TOO!!!

in the hotels we have been staying have a pool
but we like the beach much better

we've been eating @ our favorite restaurant AGAIN & AGAIN...
iKnow we are so lame, LOL!!


other places iHave visit this summer

light house @Port Isabel


"the movies" MANY MANY MANY times

we also celebrate Big Jr. 9th Birthday!

and visited the ZOO too!!!!

and took some cool funny shots like this one...

iHave been using my iPhone camera a whole lot!!!
which iLove because iGet to share the pictures right away with
my tweet and FB friends!

This young man melts my heart every time he gives me a kiss...

in the afternoons we get out of the house
until like around 7pm when
it's 83*F outside. During the day it is way tooooo HOT!
we got 108*F the other day!

next weekend
we are going here

which iWill be telling you about it

THE END for now...

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