A Thousand Words Thursday...

Yestarday I did a photoshoot with my Son and his favorite Pets.
"The Hermit Crabs" are his favorites.
He loves all kinds of creatures!!!
He has
~3 sea monsters (to view a pic click here)
~2 butterflies (we are going to let them go soon)
~2 frogs
~1 turtle
~1 lizard
~1 dogs
~1 cat
~about 30 ants
and every little creature he finds outside...

When he turns 10 he will be getting a SNAKE!

It was hard to pick the one I was going to post for iHeartfaces. I think they all came out good
I loved them all :)
What do you think? Which one is your favorite?

(click on the images to view it at full size)


  1. I like all of them, but I really love the 1st and the last! LOL

  2. Oh my gosh, I LOVE the last one....hermit crab of destruction....a new game...lol!!!

    They're all great though!

  3. Last one...I guess

  4. Great pics! All of them. Your kids have beautiful eyes!

    I remember having those hermit crabs --- their shells are awesome!

  5. Oh they are all so cool. But my favorites would be the second and the last!

    Happy ATWT!

  6. Your children have beautiful eyes.

  7. Great close ups. I like the last one too.

  8. They all are great but the last one is my favorite!

    Happy ATWT!

  9. I have been out of bloglad for a couple days...trying to catch up. I love this post, great pictures of the kids and the hermit crabs how cool!

    Have a great weekend!


  10. They are all wonderful. If I had to chose it would be the 4th from the last.

    when you were naming off all the pets it reminded me of my mom's house. I think she's had just about every pet possible.

  11. Wonderful pictures. Your son has beautful eyes.

  12. Wow, they are beautiful. I've never seen a shell that bright, blue. What kind of crab is it?


Thank you so much for your beautiful comments!!!