summer haircut...

On the way to the mall...

"hey sis! you can't catch me now!!!"

"too fast for you"

Huh! I got two Lollipops

He looks so cute with his new haircut

oh! oh! on the way to the candy machine

"look what I found"

"hmmm, how does this work?"

Just going wild @ the mall

Ok ok! I will behave now, just put me down!!!


  1. look at those eyes, stunning! the new haircut is too cute!

  2. He's looking so cute and cool with his new haircut! What a sweetie :)

  3. Gotta love the cute.

  4. Oh, he is so cute!! I want to squeeze him!!!

  5. What a darling boy, he is sooooooo cute reminds me of my oldest boy at that age....they looked a lot alike.


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