My Friday High Five Favorite Fast Food Restaurants...

I am joining Angela and her Friday High Five this week. It is a list of any 5 random things you choose.

My Five Favoritte Fast Food Restaurants!


2. Dairy Queen
3. Whataburger
1. McDonalds

5. Arby's


  1. Mickey D's & Arbys's would be on my top 5 too!

  2. The only ones that I've been to are McDonald's and Arby's. I was just at McDonald's last night. My son was telling us how a classmate brought in pictures of his father chowing down at McD's in China. He said that the lines were out the door there!

  3. I love all of those! I wish we had dairy queen in our town. Well we had one in a mall but it closed. It is definitely always a stop when we travel and see one! Thanks for joining Friday High Five!

  4. McDonalds forever and ever!!! Love it!


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