Baby Picture Sunday...Summer Time

This year we started the summer a little bit early, we took a 4 days mini vacation last week. We visited our local island, which is fun fun fun...

"My Little Man was super excited to be at the Island"

He was so happy to see the ocean again

"My Little Man's hamburger feet loved the sand"

He also found Jellyfish everywhere so

we left. We did not see the purple flag, darn!

went back to the hotel and had fun fun fun at the pool...

We went back to the beach the next day
and our jellyfish friends were waiting for


  1. wow,love your blog, thanks for visiting mine:) Hamburger feet-chuckle- thats adorable, and you were right about your son has very squeezable cheeks too:)

  2. Great photos. Your little man is so cute!!

    Thank you for the support at my blog. It's always nice to find new friends. I've been meaning to ask if you have an email address? You've commented a couple times at my blog, and I wanted to reply to you more personally, but then I realized you didn't leave an email address. :o)

  3. I stopped by after seeing your comment on Carin's site. What a fun family get away, you have an adorable family.

  4. Gosh, that looks like fun except for the jelly fish, do they sting?
    I think I remember when I was 12 seeing one in California on the beach and it stung my finger. It was a clear color and looked like an ice cube, maybe I dreamed

  5. Ewww..the jellyfish! Reminds me of a time we were visiting my grandparents in Virgina and my sister got stung by a jellyfish!!!

    Those are cute pictures of your baby, and at least he was still able to swim at the hotel!!

  6. Fantastic photos and looks like a wonderful time.
    LOVE the little piggies in the sand. ADORABLE!!!

    Thank you for playing along this week :)

  7. Ooh, jellyfish, not fun! Thanks for stopping by and happy Sunday!

  8. Thank you for visiting my blog. I love having new readers. It looks like you guys had a great time at the beach!


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