13 Ways to Prevent the H1N1 virus, commonly known as swine flu

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1. Wash your hands, wash your hands, wash your hands. (Say it three times over. This is your new Pink mantra, and it’s the number one way to avoid getting swine flu). Also, avoid touching your eyes, nose or mouth, which can introduce the virus into your receptive passageways. If you cough or sneeze, use a tissue and throw the tissue away afterwards. This will help protect you and everyone else out there who is trying to avoid swine flu.

2. Give your immune system a boost by taking Echinacea. My favorite is Esberitox from Integrative Therapeutics.

3. Eat immune boosting foods, and steer clear of sugar. Here are five that can help you.


Loaded with Vitamin C, citrus fruits are a yummy, easy way to support your immune system. Grab a glass of OJ, or make some lemonade. Even better, mix lots of lemons into clean water with stevia (a natural sweetener) and cayenne pepper. Not only is it a zingy tasty treat filled with Vitamin C, it also alkalinizes your body, which helps it fight infection.

Red chili peppers (cayenne)

Cayenne pepper has long been appreciated for its medicinal properties and can help your body during states of emergency. So chili it up for good health!


Filled with immune-boosting mojo, garlic has been used to treat everything from the common cold to the Plague. So load up on garlic and give your body a fighting chance.


Bursting with beta-carotene, carrots give your body a leg up when you’re fighting infection. Drink a few carrot juices to get enough in your body. Sweet potatoes and spinach also contain lots of beta carotene, so eat up.


Fish like salmon, mackeral, and tuna are filled with omega-3 fats, which support white blood cells in fighting infection. Sushi anyone?

4. Snooze, baby, snooze! Sleep is underrated. When you’re well rested, your body fights infection more effectively. Check out these tips for naturopath Dr. Nicole Sundene.

5. Give up alcohol and caffeine for a while. Staying sober and decaffeinated helps your body mount immune responses.

6. Try not to drink after others, especially those who have recently traveled to Mexico. And avoid sick people, if you can.

7. Hydrate. Drink, drink, drink pure clean water. It keeps your mucous thin and helps you mucous membranes resist infection.

8. Try not to touch your nose, eyes, and mouth.

9. Take Vitamin C supplements. If you take extra, it gets excreted in your urine, so it won’t hurt you to load up.

10. Supplement with probiotic bacteria, which alters the intestinal flora and helps your body resist infection.

11. Take Elderberry syrup: 1 tsp 3 times daily. It’s a natural anti-viral and can be particularly useful if your community runs out of Tamiflu and Relenza, as is likely to happen.

12. Rethink your Mexico trip. The CDC recommends avoiding all non-essential travel to Mexico in order to protect Americans and help contain the virus.

13. Don’t panic about swine flu. Stress weakens your immune system and makes you less capable of mounting an immune response. Pandemics are understandably stressful. Manage your stress in healthy ways, by meditating, listening to guided imagery CD’s, walking, deep breathing, yoga, and other healthy stress-relieving activities. You might even tap into the Zen of Swine Flu.


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