Meet the Family

Hi my name is Rocío a.k.a "Chio" and I have 4 blogs! huh? yeah 4 blogs! I know right! crazy!!! I am a ordinary M☺M with no SUPER POWERS; & I most have my White Russian Coffee in the mornings with lots and lots of sugar and cream. I usually find toys on my way to my restroom and little hand-prints on my window glass door! My kitchen is open 24/7 and will make any request! I have 3 kids and I am always chasing them with my camera, LOL!!!

I show my family & life in photos and report in br
oken English♥

On this one I want to capture all the special m
oments of my little ones so at the end of the school year I can print a blog book.


My Third blog is for my third 19 months child! My little Man keeps me very busy chasing him around all day! He has his special blog where I po
st pictures of his active life.

This last one I made it because I think the pictures look better with a black background☺...


I love photography and I am still in the process of learning about it!!!

mr. big
I am marry to a wonderful man named Jesús "Mr. Big" We started our Beautiful Journey back in July 1999 and I have thanked God for giving me the most handsome, hardworking, forgiving Husband. He is a pretty cool Dad of our 3 beautiful Angels! Mr. Big is the one that makes my kitchen dirty because he loves to cook! but don't get me wrong he is the most wonder helper in the whole world. He loves to go shopping with me and enjoys every minute of it! I love him and he loves me and I'm happy to know that every time I look back he is there, waiting for me!

big jr

Jesús A. “Big Jr.” is our Firstborn, he joined our journey in June 2000. He stole our hearts as soon as we heard his heart beat for the first time then after 37 weeks later we saw his big beautiful blue eyes… He plays the Big Brother Role remarkably well. He loves to explore the world and I am always finding rocks in his pants. Constantly he is training his siblings to be good explorers of this big world and showing them unconditionally love…

pink angel

Our Angela "Pink Angel" came to this world to color our house Pink on May 2002. She brought many smiles to our family! She was one of a kind Baby Girl with her spiky hair, that made her look like a pretty monkey. She loves to wear hairbows; she will never leave the house without one. You will always see her with a notebook, pens (crayons), camera, and a smile on her face. It is amazing how she loves to read, write, and draw ♥hearts♥ in all her I’s and A’s. She cares for everyone in this family; she is our little Doctor remaining us to take our medicines and vitamins everyday.

little man

In February 2008 God send us our last piece to our puzzle, Guillermo S. “The Little Man” is our New Baby. He brought the joy that we were missing; that touch of magic that thought us to appreciate life! He looks at his Big Brother like a Hero and at his Big Sister like an Angel that saves him every time he feels his going to fall. He loves playing with his Big Brother’s Toys mostly cars and GI Joes. He is starting to talk and his favorites words are Momi(Mami), uck(book), pizcha(pizza), titi(pacifier or what I call "the mute button"), chi(yes), andy(candy) coco(chocolate) and "NO"no translation for this one huh!?! he says it loud and clear "NO". My cute Little Man is such a sweet boy and lives out of oatmeal, bananas and carrots!
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